Nomination Process

For Tiers 1 – 2: A supervisor (or above) must recommend an employee & complete the online application on behalf of the employee.
**Tier 3: Employees are selected by a member of Executive Management.

Nominees (CUA and DHS) cannot be on the sick abuse list within their Agency/Organization.

Nominees (CUA and DHS) cannot be facing any Disciplinary Action.
Nominees’(CUA and DHS) Annual Performance Evaluation must reflect an overall rating of Superior or above.

For ALL Tiers, the candidate must be in the position to qualify for the nominated Tier.

Selection Process

All nominees are interviewed.

Nominees are required to complete attend all classes and complete all assignment in order to attend graduation – where they will receive a Certificate of Completion. (see commitment contract).

Staff who have been selected to participate in the Leadership Academy, must have the support of their Leadership to fully commit to the program and its requirements.