Tier 2

Tier 2 is designed to strengthen the management skills of an emerging leader currently in working as a frontline supervisor to direct line staff in the child welfare system who currently supervise staff.

Self-Management: Leadership Principles & Practices, Leadership Style, Emotional Intelligence. Cohort Size: 12-15.
  • Social Capabilities: Team Development & Leadership, Coaching Essentials.
  • - Group Coaching Café’s.
  • - Full Day sessions.
  • - Cohort Commitment:Virtual-Bi-weekly/4 months.
  • Work Facilitation Capabilities: Strategic Thinking, Managing Priorities, Managing Change.
  • Shadowing Experiences.
  • Ideal Candidates with the Current Title: Social Work Supervisors, CUA Supervisors, Clerical Supervisor, Program Analyst Supervisors, Shift Manager etc.
  • Nominations required.